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Five blogs I read regularly

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I have to confess I don’t read many blogs. My excuse is that work leaves me with little time to write and even less to read. So I have to ration out my reading time, most of which  goes into making inroads into the pile of books and papers I have collected over the years.

Nevertheless, there are a handful of blogs that I make it a point to read every week. Here they are, in strictly alphabetical order:

Better Projects: Craig Brown’s short and insightful posts delve into the foundations of project management theory and practice.  My favourite posts from his blog are this one on questioning the utility of a very popular project management methodology and this one about how respect for individuals can make life easier for both employers and employees.

Cleverworkarounds: Paul Culmsee is one of those rare people who is as much at ease writing about technical matters as he is with the softer stuff. He weaves wonderfully entertaining stories as he explains and educates. If you have not read him before, head over to his blog and check out his recent series explaining the mysteries of SharePoint performance. Don’t be put off by the title, it’s a worthwhile read for anyone who has ever asked the question, “Why is that system so slow?”   Another brilliantly entertaining and educational piece is this one on Monte Carlo simulation.  (Full Disclosure: Paul is a good friend of mine and we’ve co-written a book)

Herding Cats: Glen Alleman is a highly experienced project manager who has worked on mission critical projects involving manned spaceflight (among other things). His no-nonsense posts on risk management and the use and abuse of statistics in project management have educated and inspired me to write on these topics. My favourite posts on Herding Cats include Statistics and  Misrepresentations of Knowledge and Uncertainty and Risk.

Quantmleap:  Shim Marom is a kindred spirit who writes about many things interest me and that I write about (but he does it much better than I ever can). He can pack into two paragraphs things that would take me twenty. A couple of must-read posts from his blog are: A Letter to a Young Project Manager  and  Don’t be afraid to connect with your touchy-feely side.  Shim’s posts on the softer side of project management provide a counterpoint to Glen’s process and technique oriented articles.

Tim van Gelder: A philosopher by training, Tim van Gelder helps individuals and organisations improve the quality of their thinking and decision making. I learn something from each one of his posts.  Check out this post on why opinion polls are of dubious value and this one about a serious gap in business intelligence systems.

These blogs offer terrific insights into how organisations, projects and systems work, or should work.  Each of them has influenced my thinking and given me a fresh perspective on what I do and write about.

2 Responses

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  1. Thanks K, I’ll add these to the list I posted this week.


    Glen Alleman

    August 6, 2012 at 9:01 am

  2. Thanks K, Appreciate your kind words and the introduction to Tim’s blog which I have not seen before.

    Cheers, Shim.


    Shim Marom

    August 6, 2012 at 10:41 am

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