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Standish and others tell us that a significant percentage of projects fail for one reason or another. Many of these are projects that could have been saved by timely action, but instead end in ignominy due to inaction by various stakeholders. Transfixed by impending doom, those responsible are content to let problems fester until the potential for disaster translates to reality.

That’s when the proverbial stinky stuff hits the fan: project sponsors demand explanations about what went wrong, and how, and why. Above all, they want to know who is responsible. Then the finger pointing begins, culminating in the  identification of the scapegoat.  Once identified, the scapegoat is blamed, pilloried, and if he or she is really unfortunate (or the sponsor really ticked off), sacked.

Here’s what I reckon, though:  organisations can ill afford to lose individuals they have invested in over the years.  It would be so much easier if they could sack someone who didn’t matter. Alas, if only we had someone like….


Scapegoats Proprietary Limited

“You mess up, we’ll fess up”

Scapegoats Pty Ltd offers consummate, professional scapegoats for hire. Our consultants are guaranteed to be technically and socially inept. They are people you can well afford to lose. So when you see early signs  that your project is going to fail, hire one our pros and rest assured that your team will survive intact. Why  get sacked for incompetence when you can sack someone else instead?

Here are some comments from our satisfied clients:

“…Our SPL consultant was a life saver. His incompetence ensured that no one on the team was blamed…” AP, Project Manager.

“…We asked for a standout consultant; Pete exceeded our expectations. His unhelpful manner coupled with his obnoxiousness made him an obvious scapegoat when our project went belly up…” TY, Project Manager.

So, don’t wait for fate – call us now on 1800 SCAPE GOAT.

Written by K

August 25, 2008 at 6:19 pm

2 Responses

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  1. […] At such points it is important to remember that mistakes happen.  Identifying and berating a scapegoat may feel good for a moment or two, but the satisfaction soon fades, leaving you with a very upset […]


  2. […] I’ve heard more than a few times in many workplaces. On the other hand, they also make convenient scapegoats when the proverbial stuff hits the […]


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