Eight to Late

Sensemaking and Analytics for Organizations

SOA what? A clarification for CIOs in five limericks.

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CIOs struggling to keep a lid
on expenses not budgeted,
should have no fear
for help is here –
through designs, service-oriented.

A consulting giant claims
cost cuts and many more gains
will come one’s way
when SOA
unshackles technology’s chains.

The Next Revolution in Productivity.”
Hype’s alive and well – so we see.
But implementing software
that’s not business aware
will cause much pain and grief.

The slick salespersons who sell
SOA software won’t tell
the truth, it’s tragic
that it ain’t no magic,
but a true integration hell.

So, don’t be sold snake-oil.
For you will be in for much toil.
With nothing to show
for all your spent dough,
but an organisation in turmoil.

Written by K

July 20, 2008 at 5:53 pm

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