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An elegy on the failure of a project

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I’ve written a project tragedy in limerick form earlier, so I thought I’d try an elegy this time.

Those interested in sampling a real elegy written by  a real poet will do well to read Elegy on the death of a mad dog  by Oliver Goldsmith, instead of my sorry attempt below. Anyway, for what it’s worth, here’s my first (and I promise, last!)  elegy commemorating the failure of a project.

All ye PMs far and wide,
listen to this tale.
Of a project gone awry,
and verily doomed to fail.

It started many moons ago,
with a project plan
mapping how to reach the goal
within the time in hand.

Requirements were discussed,
in meetings way too long.
Where many stakeholders fussed
over details right and wrong.

The small and petty arguments
over matters rather trifling,
stalled signoff of documents,
causing a delay in starting .

Then all went well for a bit,
as deliverables were crafted.
Until, alas, the tech lead quit,
to the competition he defected.

The PM hunted high and low
for a replacement.
But despite the perks and dough
there was no applicant.

Progress slowed to a drag
as the days went by.
Team morale started to sag
and there was no wonder why.

The PM was soon commanded,
to explain the sorry state.
The powers that be demanded
his head on a plate.

So ends this tale so drawn
of a PM and his team.
Fortunately I woke this morn,
realising ’twas  a dream.

Written by K

February 21, 2008 at 5:19 pm

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