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In recent years there’s been a proliferation of _  Driven Development methodologies, where the underscore can be substituted by just about any letter of the  alphabet. Some examples include: Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), Feature Driven Development (FDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD).  What is perhaps not as well known, is that the world of in-house application development has its own A to Z of _DD methodologies. In this post I offer short notes on those that have gained popularity (notoreity?) in Corporate IT shops.

For convenience (mainly mine!) I go through half the alphabet here, with the strictly non-binding promise to cover the remainder in a future post. 

Off we go then:

  1. Arbitrarily Driven Development: ADD, which has many adherents in the corporate world,  is characterised by a complete lack of planning or process.  Also  see item 3 below. This is sometimes referred to as Cowboy Coding.
  2. Bulldust Driven Development: BDD is employed when end users don’t have a clue as to what they want. An (often unstated) implication is that developers don’t have a clue either.
  3. Confusion Driven Development: See ADD above.
  4. Desperation Driven Development: DDD, which is characterised by frantic, undirected activity,  is often resorted to when a project runs short of time,  money   or any other resources.
  5. Everyone Driven Development: This is used when every user (and potential user) wants to have a say in defining application requirements.
  6. Finance Driven Development: Useful when saving money is the major consideration. The methodology is characterised by ruthless cutting of corners rather than code.
  7. Google Driven Development: Development by way of this methodology is popular when the project team doesn’t have a firm grasp of the technology involved. Consequently the team spends many hours filling in the gaps via  the well-known search engine.
  8. Helicopter Driven Development: This occurs when the effort is lead (piloted?) by someone with a birds-eye of the project. Difficult and nitpicky details tend to be glossed over, much to the distress of developers.
  9. Idiot Driven Development: This is where the project decision-maker has strong opinions coupled with little sense. See this post on Scott Berkun’s blog for more. Note that he uses a stronger,  perhaps more appropriate, word to describe the decision-maker. This methodology is also known as…
  10. Jackass Driven Development: See Idiot Driven Development above.
  11. Killjoy Driven Development: Is when the project lead is a confirmed pessimist who keeps going on about how the team’s never going to make the deadline. 
  12. Luck Driven Development: This happens when the team hasn’t a prayer of making the deadline. They press on regardless, relying on Lady Luck to do the right thing by them.
  13. Myopia Driven Development: This is when the project lead and the project team have no visibility of the project beyond a few days. Some dignify this mode of working by claiming they’re using Rolling Wave Planning. Don’t be fooled, though; they really don’t know where they’re headed.

Admittedly, these methodologies aren’t as well known as others that have gained acceptance through their utility or agility.  This post is my small contribution in increasing general awareness of these  (strictly non-agile) development methodologies.

Stay tuned for N to Z.

Written by K

January 16, 2008 at 4:07 pm

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